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Jan 21, 2013 6:00am PST
. >> stephanie: all right. inauguration. >> obama four more years! >> stephanie: i was so excited about being here for inauguration weekend, i broke up with my fake internet girlfriend. i'm sure i did something to the washington monument. i called and apologized. >> oh, boy. >> stephanie: i think it's straight too. >> stephanie: really straight. so that brings us to what can we say about sexy liberal saturday night? oh, my god. >> it was amazing. >> stephanie: jim ward is brilliant, by the way as usual. you missed a whole thing there. >> you missed the big thing on saturday afternoon. the white house. >> stephanie: oh! >> affair with vice president biden. oh, white house. oh yeah. >> stephanie: that's right! >> yeah. >> stephanie: how did i leave out that we got a private tour of the white house. >> including the situation room. which nobody sees. >> stephanie: i almost caused a situation in the situation room. >> as you do. >> stephanie: they forgot they were supposed to take our cell phones. we were like oh, my god how close are we to a sniper? poor john said "i'm fired." >> stephanie
Jan 17, 2013 6:00am PST
obama -- just -- when -- when an 8 year old has a more reasoned argument at least for his side than the people at the nra i don't know what to say. i think there should be some changes in the law with guns. please don't let people with machine guns or other powerful guns like that. i think there should be a limit with how many guns a person can own. we should learn what happened at sandy hook. ps, i know you are doing your best. >> oh. >> maybe he should be head of the nra. >> yeah. he is more well reasoned than wayne lapierre. >> stephanie: wow. let's go to rose in texas. hi, rose welcome. hello, rose! rose? >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: oh there you are. hi. go ahead rose. >> caller: yes, i have a question for you. >> stephanie: okay. >> caller: you know how they are always saying that the spending and the debt ceiling and our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren will be paying for the future for all of this. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: why can't we worry that our children and grandchildren right now that they have the freedom to go to a public school and not be s
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am PST
flirtinis. >> four years ago we witnessed the first inauguration of president obama. in november america decided one term just wasn't enough. ♪ do that to me one more time ♪ >> this time around stephanie miller are coming to make this a party d.c. will never forget. the sexy liberal comedy tour starring hal sparks, john fugelsang, aisha tyler, and the goddess of liberals stephanie miller will perform live at the warner theater in washington, d.c. tickets are available at if you want to skip the fees stop by the warner theater box office. the tea baggers lost in november, so stephanie is going to do her thing before the inaugural ball. that's the stephanie miller sexy liberal comedy tour live in d.c. on inauguration weekend. for more information go to >> stephanie: wa hoo! ♪ it's schechner again ♪ >> good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. i said you are a helper, if you would dress like a hooker, jim will perk right off. >> i know i'm such a bad packer. >> i have nothing in my suit yet. >> you are pushing it. >> i'm a dude. that's what
Jan 14, 2013 6:00am PST
amazing. we heard the exact same thing in the winter of 2009 when obama was sworn in. four years later we're going back to the exact same thing. this time pumped up a little bit by the gun debate. they're rehitting the greatest hits about we need to arm ourselves against this tyrranical president. and it hasn't gotten better. the rhetoric has gotten worse and more hateful i think. >> stephanie: as we talk about what is unprecedented seriously, since when people have been losing elections ever since we found -- all of the% states wanted to secede. really? >> everyone, democrats were getting their head handed to them by reagan and bush sr. where was all of the rhetoric -- the joke was i'm going to move to canada. the joke lasted like a week. here we are four or five years later, it is still the same sort of blood-curdling rhetoric we hare. >> stephanie: fox and friends with a handwriting expert. you know -- >> on jacob lew's signature. >> this loopy signature could be seen on every american dollar bill. that's the signature of jack lew, the current white house chief of staff. the next tr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4